Cow Sense® Genetic Services

Parentage Solutions - PairMatch™

Parent Profiles
Collect submit samples (blood, hair, semen or tissue) for "fingerprinting" of potential parent animals.  Parent profiles are stored in a reference database for future resolution of progeny.

Parentage Identification
Collect and submit samples from progeny of unknown parentage (but within the profiled group).  Progeny DNA profiles are then analyzed in PairMatch which through an exclusion process identifies the most probable parent(s).  A typical application is in identifying the probable sire in multi-sire group matings, whether natural service or AI (mixed semen).

Easily collect samples and submit data through a Cow Sense automated process.  Reports are returned electronically and downloaded directly into Cow Sense, which allows you to use the data immediately.

Audit Solutions
Allows you to use the power of DNA profiles to track an animal for positive identification from birth to retail counter. This is particularly useful in situations where the product may otherwise have lost its origin identity. This provides you a tremendous tool for auditing process in the harvest facility and validates true source verification.

Storage Solutions
Profiles are stored and returned on all samples tested. However with this service, tissue samples can be stored for later testing or retesting. This service provides you the flexibility to test as your management practice dictates. For instance you may sample all animals in a given group, and based upon the target outcome, you choose to analyze only a percentage of that group. Storage may provide a cost effective tool to accomplish your objective.

Benefits of Cow Sense Genetic Services

  • Automated collection and submission techniques save you time and money!

  • Electronic reporting into Cow Sense allows you to maintain a genetic profile database of all animals tested!

  • Confidence in the accuracy of results is achieved through strict Quality Control protocols.

  • Prioritize management decisions based upon known parentage!

  • Accelerate genetic improvement in your herd!






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