EID Benefits You!

Individual segments of the industry have adopted EID technology more rapidly than others.  However even cow-calf producers are now demanding automated record keeping and inventory control tools. Individual identification methods like visual panel tags (placed in the ear or brisket), branding, tattooing and ear notching require the human interpretation before the data can be acquired.

EID, on the other hand, offers numerous advantages at low cost:

  • EID accomplishes individual identification quickly, reliably, and consistently.  It is the same ID, time after time, no matter where or when it is read, or by whom.

  • EID provides the basis for automated data collection on individual animals.  EID is the tool that allows you to read and automatically collect the animal ID in conjunction with weight, height, ultrasound, or other measures, saving time, labor, and mistakes.  

  • EID ensures the value of the other data you collect by assuring accurate animal identification.

  • EID eliminates the need for "line of sight" reading necessary with barcode systems. The signal can penetrate through body tissue, wood, plastic, mud, manure and more.

  • EID in this application is passive and therefore requires no onboard battery or tag power, meaning it will last for the life of the animal.

How Does EID Work?

Electronic ID is synonymous with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  RFID is accomplished through the use of two main components: a transponder and a scanner.  The transponder contains an integrated circuit (micro chip) and capacitor attached to a small antenna system. The transponder can then be  encapsulated within a female tag or button for external application. The enclosure helps the transponder withstand environmental conditions. When the scanner or reader comes within range of the transponder, it "energizes" the transponder at a specific radio frequency.  The transponder then transmits its unique code or identification number to the reader, which interprets and relays the ID to a computer.





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