As the first windows based program for beef herd management, Cow Sense was written with the highest regard for ease of use while providing detailed analytical data.  It is easy to learn and terms are tailored for the cattle industry.  The program is easy to understand because it is designed around the natural cycle of a cow calf operation from breeding to slaughter.


  User’s Agree…

 “If it wasn’t cowboy-friendly I wouldn’t be using it!”…Larry Huck, Huck Cattle Co., KS

 “We believe Cow Sense is the program that can deliver the management tool that will help us stay in Business.”…Roger Dieter, Deiter Bros. Chiangus, SD

 "ZDNet gave you 5 stars, and I would say it's well deserved.  Thanks!"…Kory Wells, Kelsey Associates, Inc., TN

 “My search for a user friendly, Windows based herd management program came to an end when I found Cow Sense.”  Randy Sternberg, Guenoc Ranch, CA

 “We found no other program comparable in flexibility, user friendliness, and technical support.”  Theresa Vanzant, Purdue University, IN

 “Cow Sense is the easiest and most comprehensive program I have found to keep track of my cows.”  Bob Zimmerman, Swinging Z Ranch, IA

 "One of the best things about the Cow Sense program is its support. " Dan Albert, Amana Farms, IA

 “Thanks for producing such a nice product.”   Marsha Gilbert, CO


 “Cow Sense is a good program even though we have a small herd. It's pretty simple to use. The more I use it the easier it gets. I will be letting other people know about your program.”  Sandra Reynolds, WY


 Cowboy Friendly benefits:

 Convenient data entry.  Advanced data entry features improve speed and accuracy…making your job easier.  Cow Sense will even import and export data to other programs.  That’s convenience!

Extensive management information.  At the heart of Cow Sense are powerful analysis tools for culling, breeding, selecting replacements, and break-even projections.  These management tools are essential for effective herd improvement programs and greater profit!  That’s value!

Flexible design.  Cow Sense allows you to choose what fields of information you want, and even to edit existing fields or create your own.  User designed sort and query features gives you the data you need – when you need it!  That's flexibility!

Comprehensive reporting.  Reporting is fast and easy.  Choose from standard reports, or customize your own.  Preview any report prior to printing it on paper, or print to a file.  That’s comprehensive!

Easy upgrades.  Extend your benefit anytime by upgrading from EZ-75 and Lite to Commercial or Purebred for just the difference in price – without installing new software!  Built in auto update function provides easy web based updates.  That’s commitment!

Leading Edge Technologies.  Cow Sense products are designed to keep you on the forefront of technology needed in the beef industry today and tomorrow.  Chute side compatibility with electronic scales, EID readers, electronic measuring devices, and automated sorting tools are all available.  Interfaces with handheld Computers (PDAs), breed associations and production alliances means less duplication of data entry.  You can also count on us to continue offering products on the leading edge of technology.  That’s time savings for you… and our industry!  





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