Cow Sense is the industry leading management tool designed for cow calf operators who wish to analyze each individual cow as a profit center.  At the heart of Cow Sense are tools for data entry, and reporting functions for the cowherd or herds.  This becomes vital to making management decisions such as monitoring performance, breeding, culling, and selecting replacements.

Extensive query and sort capabilities become your virtual cutting horse, allowing you to select cattle in almost endless combinations of criteria.  Standard and customized easy to read reports are always just two easy steps away.  Cow Sense is breed specific when calculating association standardized data or flexible enough to modify calculations to any operators individual needs. 

Cow Sense offers advanced features beyond any competitive product on the market. For example, the Analysis Wizard gives you visual analysis of your cattle in graphs and tables. Our online Benchmark Wizard goes even further to enable you to compare your cattle performance with other members of the service. Once again, Cow Sense innovation and leadership is unmatched!

The core products are scaled in their functionality to fit specific types of beef operations or management roles.  Four different software options match the program to specific operation and management goals—with common sense upgrades that are fully compatible with the data from your original software package.  Unequalled flexibility allows you to customize the program to your operation! 

Select the Choose option to assist you in deciding which Cow Sense program is right for your operation.  Select Features to see a detailed features list for each product.





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