Cow COMM is the communications component of the Cow Sense Suite of products.  Cow COMM allows you to collect data manually or automatically and make immediate cattle management decisions based upon predetermined, objective criteria.

Cow COMM's Chute-Side Application…
Cow COMM is quick, easy and accurate! You choose the level of automation with which you are comfortable. Hand key information and animal look-ups or rely on electronic ID readers to do the task. Key in weights, or record hands free when connected to an electronic scale. Cow COMM performs the necessary calculations while the animal is still in the chute, such as average daily gain, pelvic size, etc.

Discover the Power of Cow COMM
The beef industry is striving to adopt successful information cattle management methods, to micromanage the beef production process and design the end product to meet consumer demands. With the help of Cow Sense and Cow COMM, cattle producers can make better decisions, combining strategic animal management with instant application. Such methods are key to shaping the beef industry to improve productivity, quality and profitability.





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