Customer Service Plans

Included Support

With the purchase of a Cow Sense Core product, you receive our 30/30 Customer Service Plan. With the 30/30 plan, you receive 30 days or 30 minutes of technical/product support, whichever is of greater benefit to you. The 30 day period begins with your first support contact following activation, and if at the end of the 30 day period you have not used 30 minutes of technical/product support, the unused balance is credited to you for future technical/product support needs. If you use 30 minutes before the 30 day period expires, you will continue to receive assistance for your Cow Sense Core Product for the remainder of the 30 day period.

Cow Moover and the Premium Interface Component are part of the 30/30 plan. No additional technical/product support is included with the purchase of Cow Moover and the Premium Interface Component.

Cow Sense Sale Manager comes with 60 minutes of technical/product support included with purchase.

VBS Direct

The VBS Direct plan provides users with priority telephone and email technical/product support. VBS Direct support is charged at an hourly rate that covers our cost of providing services. Time is purchased in advance and credited to the user's account as 'support credits.' Time spent assisting the user is billed against the unused balance. Support credits do not expire. Credits remain available for use whenever the user calls for technical/product support.

'Buy Now' will open our store page where you can see current pricing and futher details about VBS Direct support. Purcase is not required.




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